Christmas 2022 Scent List

Winter Mallows: A holiday blend you’re sure to love!  Fluffy marshmallow sprinkled with Sugared Spruce. 

Jingle Bell Java: A sweet and scrumptious coffee and mocha blend with coffee whipped cream and sprinkles.

Sleigh Ride: Take a magical sleigh ride through a snowy Christmas tree lane! The beautiful, wintry scent of Christmas trees!

Cherry Marshmallow Truffles:  Red cherries covered in marshmallow sugar cream and dipped in Belgium chocolate!

Pink Icicles: Ripe blackberries, sparkling Pink Sugar glacé and marshmallow cream frosting!

Dipped Candy Canes: Candy Canes dipped in the ultra delicious and exotic Madagascar Vanilla.

Angel Kisses: A beautiful blend of cognac, a touch of cinnamon essence, tonka bean, praline, vanilla and sandalwood with a kiss of oak absolute.

Sugar Plum Fairy: Spun Cotton Candy blended with Sweet Sugar Plums! 

Cherry Mousse Cake Batter: Bright cherries blended into a fluffy mousse and vanilla buttercream cake batter!

Santa Baby Cake: A super delicious scent with notes of fluffy Almond cake, sugar cane, dark sugared rum icing, a touch of coconut milk, whipped cream and vanilla extract. This is delish!

Marshmallow Sugar Cookies: Sweet, fluffy marshmallows blended with fresh-baked Christmas sugar cookies!

Gold Tinsel: A sweet, fruity and bubbly blend, with notes of festive berries, vanilla, tonka and ylang ylang.

Rudolph’s Sugar Mallows: Creme brûlée with marshmallow frosting! Rudolph’s favorite!

Ho-Ho-Ho: Santa’s favorite Salted Caramel Latte! Warm caramels, sprinkles of sea salt and a sweet, warm latte. You’ll adore this blend! 

Coconut Snowballs: Soft coconut cream cake with snow infused coconut frosting. 

Peppermint Cookie Milkshake: Sweet peppermint ice cream blended with delicious sugar cookies. A yummy holiday treat!

Double Dipped Snickerdoodle's: Snickerdoodle cookies double-dipped in creamy, rich buttercream and hot buttered rum! Don’t pass this one up! 

Candied Mistletoe Crunch: Our best-selling Very Merry Mistletoe blends perfectly with spun cotton candy and sweet winter apple!

Santa’s Southern Eggnog: Our delicious rich and creamy eggnog with a scrumptious southern treat—Ripe Georgia peaches!

Frosty the Snowman: Sweet, calming lavender blended with sugared mint and kissed with our best-selling Freshly fallen Snow. 

Strawberry Swirl Truffle: This is delicious! Creamy white chocolate swirled with our best-selling Strawberry, making the perfect white chocolate strawberry truffles!

Strawberry Crunch Cookies: Fresh from the oven Santa’s Sugar Cookies with a thumbprint of sweet strawberries!

Naughty Gingerbread Men: What makes Gingerbread even better? Hot Buttered Rum! Been a best seller for years!

Can’t Sleep, Santa is Here!: A super yummy blend of cranberry-orange, spun cotton candy and powdered funnel cake with sprinkles!

Grinchmas: We loooove this! A blend of vanilla bean ice cream, green apples and whipped cream! This smells amazing! Any Grinch would put a smile on his face for this!

Pink Snowflakes: Candy canes, spun pink sugar and fluffy marshmallows are a winter wonderland fantasy in pink, and they're what you'll find in this charming confection of a fragrance. Be unforgettably sweet in Pink Snowflakes! 

Buttermint, Baby!: Everyone knows those soft little pillow mints that dissolve at the touch of your tongue. We're featuring them here in all their minty, creamy, irresistibly rich goodness. Our version has just the right mix of minty coolness and creamy warmth. Indulge in some Buttermint, baby!

Gingerbread Sugarcake: Sugarcake is a blend of rich vanilla cake, sweet frosting and sugar sprinkles, and for the holidays, we've added our delicious, fresh-baked gingerbread. You'll love what the warm, nostalgic scent of the holidays!

Cashmere Sweater: One of the greatest luxuries of winter is wrapping up in a cashmere sweater as soft as a first kiss. We wanted to create a scent that's just as soft, warm and sophisticated as our favorite cashmere, and we've named this blend of vanilla beans, white musk and coconut milk after the sweater that inspired it. A touch of snowy freshness captures the spirit of coming in from the cold.

Mint Chocolate no.9: With its vanilla and cocoa butter notes, White Chocolate No. 9 is already delicious. Adding candied mint to the mix makes it over-the-top gorgeous! 

Miami Mistletoe: What do people in Miami do with their mistletoe? Well, they kiss under it, of course, but they also give it a summery twist with ripe Florida oranges, delicate yuzu and other juicy citrus fruits. You don't need to have a white Christmas to love mistletoe, and Miami inspired our fresh and fruity take on it. 

Eggnog Sugar Cookies: We're crazy for our sugar cookies, and how better to serve them than alongside a cup of eggnog spiked with rum and dusted with nutmeg? Try dipping your cookies in your eggnog, and you'll see how much of a delight this fragrance is. 

Apple cinnamon icing: Delicious holiday red apples dipped into sugared cinnamon frosting.

Snowdrop Cake: A dreamy blend of white chocolate, warm white cake with a snow glacé.

Santa’s Sugar Cookies: The perfect sugar cookie! Warm sugar cookies with sweet sugar crystals on top!

Santa’s Pipe: A nostalgic scent of sweet tobacco and sweet cherry.

Lemon Sugar Cookies: Delicious Meyer lemons blended with scrumptious frosted sugar cookies!

Noel Cake: A scrumptious blend of rich Yellow Cake and Custard blended with Vanilla Bean Frosting.

Verry Merry Mistletoe: A GORGEOUS holiday scent! Not a green scent like you would think. The perfect amount of fruits give this mistletoe a sweetness to this gorgeous scent that is a holiday must have.

Freshly Fallen Snow: A beautiful scent that blends musky soft Powdery notes and sensual hints of Vanilla.

Marshmallow Snowcake: Whirls of Marshmallow fluff on soft silver Cake with a thick layer of snowy Frosting.

Flurries: A best seller since 2007. A blend of Eggnog and fluffy Sugar Me! Marshmallow makes this scent delicious.

Winter Cocoa: Warm Cocoa, fluffy Marshmallows and a single Candy Cane to stir with.

Snow Baby: A blend of Candy Cane bites, Buttercream Frosting and Vanilla-iced Cake.

Candy Cane Kiss: Our delicious sugary sweet Mint blended with our best-selling Sugar Me! Marshmallow.

Christmas Wedding Cake: A decadent gourmand wedding cake perfect for Christmas. Candied Almonds layered over Buttercream Frosting and soft Vanilla Wedding Cake.

Sugared Spruce: A blend of Blue Spruce with a touch of Vanilla and Sugar Crystals.

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