The Vampire's Collection 🧛‍♂️

Freshly Bitten: Strawberries, deep red cherries and pure, pale white cake.
Vampire's Kiss: An intoxicating scent of ripe red strawberries, blood oranges and effervescent champagne.
Crimson Corset: Red velvet cake topped with ribbons on rainier cherries.
Death by Sunlight: A blend of glistening orange peels, juicy yuzu, and bright lemon candies kissed with a hint of ginger.
Grand Coven Ball: Raspberry cream cake decorated with miniature candied strawberries.
Forbidden Sunrise: Warm french toast with powdered sugar topped with pumpkin icing.
Jeweled Coffin: Pumpkin cake with orange icing topped with vanilla mousse.
Silken Thorn: A veil of creamy vanilla wraps around Victorian rose buds, then bitten with a whispering of bergamot.

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