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Custom Scented Creamy Bubbles Body Wash

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    Creamy & lathery body wash! 

    Bottle in picture is 4oz, but will come in 8oz bottles. 

    Ingredients: Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerin, Disodium Cocamido MIPA Sulfosuccinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Disodium DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance Oil, Shimmer.

    Scent Descriptions:

    Strawberry Marshmallow Vanilla Musk: Our two best-selling scents come together for this fragrance! Marshmallow Vanilla Musk blended with 7 Strawberry Lane!

    Blood Orange Marshmallow Cream: Juicy blood oranges blended with fluffy marshmallow cream.

    Black Cherry Cotton Candy: The best black cherry gets infused with fresh spun pink cotton candy.

    Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!: A best-selling fragrance since 2008! This is a one of a kind blend. Candied carnival apples, fresh spun cotton candy and the most delicious funnel cake!

    Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Our mega hit fragrance Marshmallow White Cake blended with ripe, juicy blackberries. 

    Pink Cotton Candy: We've been told we have the best cotton candy and this is it! No fake syrupy smells here. Just fresh spun cotton candy.

    Berry Loves Poundcake: This was a huge hit from our Valentine's Day collection. The ultimate poundcake with juicy strawberries. This is delicous!

    Vanilla Musk: An extremely sexy musk.

    Lime Cotton Candy: Only the best cotton candy ever infused with fresh limes. This is a perfect sugared lime.

    Peach Marshmallow Creme: Goeriga peaches get infused with whipped marshmallow creme. 

    Pineapple Glace: This is a pure delicious pineapple scent!

    Orange Juice Cake Pops: Imagine the creamiest cake batter gets infused with orange juice then baked to perfection. This is a decadent treat.

    Marshmallow Confetti: Strawberry frosting blended with rich vanilla marshmallow cream, topped with ripe, juicy strawberries. Two different marshmallow notes make this so delicious, plus our best selling strawberry. 

    Whipped Coconut Cream: Coconut milk gets whipped to perfection into a creamy concoction. 

    Mango Orange Buttercream: Ripe mangoes and fresh squeezed oranges get infused into a decadent buttercream frosting.

    Orange Vanilla Cream: Juicy oranges get whipped into a yummy vanilla cream.

    Milk Chocolate Marshmallows: The creamiest milk chocolate drizzled over homemade marshmallows.

    Mango Cotton Candy: The perfect sugared mango. Imagine fresh spun cotton candy and the juiciest mango.

    Raspberry Cream Sprinkles: We took our much loved Sprinkles and blended it with raspberry cream.

    Buttercream Coffee Cake: Who doesn't love coffee cake? Our's comes topped with a layer of homemade buttercream frosting to make it deliciously creamy.

    Toasted Coconut: This smells just like toasted coconut toppings!

    Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Fresh spun cotton candy infused with unforgettable blue raspberry.

    Red Musk: This is a pure red musk. 

    Vanilla Rose Petal Cake: The best selling rose scent! Even people who don't like rose fall in love with this scent. A gorgeous vanilla infused cake topped with vanilla dipped rose petals.

    Pink Papaya Milk: Tropical papayas blended with delicious cream.

    Candied Island Water: Creed Virgin Island Water blended with Pink Sugar. A customer favorite. 

    Coconut Bourbon Vanilla: Our best selling Bourbon Vanilla twisted with fresh cracked coconut.

    Hello, Sunshine!: A gorgeous blend of lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. 

    Pistachio Macaroon: Fresh baked macaroons with pistachio filling.

    Pink Bubblegum: A true bubblegum scent. Nothing plastic or artificial smelling.

    The Fiji Mermaid: Fresh ocean water infused with lime and the scent of water lily drifting in the water.

    Birthday Cake: The most delicious authentic birthday cake you’ve ever smelled. 

    Green Apple Milkshake: Crunchy green apples blended with a rich creamy vanilla milkshake.

    Frozen Margarita: Like being on a tropical vacation. A truly delicious margarita scent.

    Strawberry Milk: Our best selling strawberry mixed with vanilla milk.

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: The comforting blend of oatmeal, creamy milk and exotic honey.

    Turkish Mocha: Turkish coffee blended with milk, nutmeg and honey. 

    Autumn Spice Cake: Rich yellow cake with notes of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and butter.

    Almond Rum Cake: Almond cake batter infused with rum topped with a buttercream frosting. 

    Captain Crunch Berries: Just like the cereal!

    Mediterranean Sea Salt: Just like the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Salty and ozonic. 

    Fresh Linen: Like fresh linens hanging in the breeze. A fresh clean cotton scent. 

    Ocean Water: This will remind you of being at the beach. Smells like fresh ocean waves.

    White Citus: Crisp citrus and water lily.

    Nectar Sorbet: Ripe passion fruit, luscious dragon fruit and iced sorbet!

    Sea Salt Yuzu: Sea salt, satsuma and grapefruit. 

    Lychee Bloom: This is a gorgeous scent! The lychee gives it sweetness, yet the overall scent is fresh and intoxicating. 

    Nearly Nude Cocoa: Exotic amber blended with decadent cocoa.

    Tiare Flower Vanille: The most beautiful tropical island flower blended with exotic vanilla.

    D'Lish: Exotic vanilla blended with our best selling strawberry.

    Coco Mango Love Affair: Fresh cracked coconut milk blended with juicy mango.

    Cool Cucumber: Just like the name says. A pure refreshing cucumber scent.

    Mr. Bean's Peach Elixir: Our best selling Mr. Beans Elixir with juicy peaches. Mr. Beans Elixir is a decadent vanilla Creme brûlée. 

    Bourbon Vanilla: Our best selling exotic vanilla. 

    Amour d'Amande: Very warm and sensual. An exquisite blend of vanilla, marshmallow, the tiniest bit of pastry, and a rich, luscious almond.

    Lavender Love Notes: Freshly fallen snow with soft lavender. 

    Savannah Summer Scoop: Peach ice cream sprinkled with pink sugar.

    Lavender Marshmallow Cream: Whipped marshmallow cream blended with sweet lavender.

    Her Name Was Lola: If you're a fan of Italian blood orange scents, then we think you're going to adore this! We start with real Italian blood orange, add creamy vanilla-infused coconut milk, and finish it all off with tangy, real sweet orange oil. Tropical decadence at it's best!

    Coconut Sugar Milk: A sexy coconut scent? Yes! Imagine a bowl of scrumptious sugar milk inside of an exotic, freshly-cracked black coconut!

    The Salty Mermaid: A beautiful fresh lagoon island water scent. 

    Creamsicle Cotton Candy: Dreamy creamsicle bites rolled in sugared cotton candy fluffs. 

    Orange Peach Glacè: Juicy sugared & glazed oranges blended with vanilla bean dipped peaches. 

    Pistachio Pudding Waffle Cone: Our best-selling  waffle cone filled with decadent pistachio pudding.

    The BEST Lemon: Look no further! If you’re seeking the most delicious sweet lemon we’ve got a treat for you. 

    Cherry Crush Macaroon: Crushed cherries infused with decadent marshmallows layered into a toasted macaroon. 

    Coco Papaya Sugar: Tropical papayas rolled in coconut flakes & sprinkled with pink sugar. 

    Cherry Almond Vanilla Cone: Vanilla Dream Cone gets twisted with the ultimate cherry almond liqueur. 

    Berry Crystalline: Exotic ripe strawberries, notes of crystalline & lily of the valley. Don’t let the notes deceive you - this is an incredibly mysterious scent.

    Raspberry Kissed Coconut: Sweet raspberry cream infused with the most delicious coconut.

    Lush Chocolate: Waves of chocolate blended with our best-selling Seriously Sexy Sandalwood.

    Cantaloupe Dream Cones: A tropical delight! Vanilla Dream Cones infused with dreamy cantaloupe cream. 

    Aloha Island Cake: Pineapple coconut cake, milky vanilla and a touch of cherry.

    Sugared Coconut Peach Macaroons: Our favorite macaroon blended with toasted coconut shavings, brown sugar and peach cream. 

    Caramel Waffle Cone: Creamy warm caramel drizzled over our fresh-baked, super delicious waffle cone. 

    Island Vibes: Sugary coconut water blended with fresh island lime.

    Coconut Sorbet: Sugary sweet coconut sorbet with a touch of sweet citrus!

    Sanibel Island: A gorgeous blend! Sweet ocean water, sea salt, sun and ocean spray. Staff fave!

    Beach Daze: Cotton linens blowing in the fresh beach air. 

    French Vanilla Pear: A gorgeous blend, heavy on the delicious French vanilla with hints of juicy pear!

    Coppertone Suntan Oil: A must-have! This is a gorgeous memory scent! You’ll be transported to days of lying on the beach with this classic scent of suntan oil!

    Sunset cupcakes: A confection to die for! Delicious cupcakes, sugar icing, poundcake, glacé, crushed fruity pebbles frosting. We love this and you will, too!! 

    Blue Hawaiian Punch: The best summer punch out there! Seriously, if you love fruity punches you’ll love this! Touches of vanilla rum and coconut blended in this as well, making this a summer fave!

    Kauai: Named for one of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands! Clear ocean water, salt spray, blue lagoons, sailing on a sunny day!

    Pink Kumquat Cotton Candy: Pink Sugar, delicious juicy Kumquats and our best selling cotton candy!

    Midori Coconut Cake: This. Is. Delish! Frostings, cakes, icing, sugared citrus and fruits! The hottest cake in Havana!

    Lost in Tahiti: Wafts of sexy vanillas and exotic vanilla beans. If you’re a vanilla lover, this is a gorgeous, exotic vanilla you’ll love!

    Peach Marshmallow Crème: Sugared peaches are dipped in vanilla sugar and blended perfectly with tons of fluffy marshmallows over a bed of rich vanilla infused with peach frosting. 

    Sprinkles: This smells so good! Whipped buttercream frosting with those birthday cake sprinkles all over!


    Twisted Designer Blends:

    Baccarat Wedding Cake: Baccarat Rouge 540 inspired by MFK blended with the best wedding cake ever. 

    Lost Cherry Coconut: Lost Cherry inspired by Tom Ford blended with fresh cracked coconut milk.

    Black Marshmallows: Black Opium inspired by YSL blended with our best selling Marshmallow Vanilla Musk.

    Sugared Black Coconut: Black Opium inspired by YSL blended with coconut sugar milk and caramel waffle cone. 

    Pineapple on the Beach: On The Beach inspired by Louis Vuitton blended with juicy pineapples. 

    Vanilla Good Girl: Good Girl inspired by Carolina Herrera blended with 4 exotic vanillas.

    Fantasy Blackberry: Fantasy inspired by Britney Spears blended with fresh blackberries.

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