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    Is there a scent you would love to have, but you don’t see it available on our website? Here we have retired scents, designer inspired blends & even a spot to create your own blend.
    Just pick the product you would like & type the scent notes you would like blended on the line above or select a scent from one of the drop down menus.

    Scent Descriptions:

    Strawberry Marshmallow Vanilla Musk: Our two best-selling scents come together for this fragrance! Marshmallow Vanilla Musk blended with 7 Strawberry Lane!

    Blood Orange Marshmallow Cream: Juicy blood oranges blended with fluffy marshmallow cream. 

    Black Cherry Cotton Candy: The best black cherry gets infused with fresh spun pink cotton candy.

    Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!: A best-selling fragrance since 2008! This is a one of a kind blend. Candied carnival apples, fresh spun cotton candy and the most delicious funnel cake!

    Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Our mega hit fragrance Marshmallow White Cake blended with ripe, juicy blackberries.

    Pink Cotton Candy: We've been told we have the best cotton candy and this is it! No fake syrupy smells here. Just fresh spun cotton candy.

    Berry Loves Poundcake: This was a huge hit from our Valentine's Day collection. The ultimate poundcake with juicy strawberries. This is delicous!

    Vanilla Musk: An extremely sexy musk.

    Lime Cotton Candy: Only the best cotton candy ever infused with fresh limes. This is a perfect sugared lime.

    Peach Marshmallow Creme: Goeriga peaches get infused with whipped marshmallow creme. 

    Pineapple Glace: This is a pure delicious pineapple scent!

    Orange Juice Cake Pops: Imagine the creamiest cake batter gets infused with orange juice then baked to perfection. This is a decadent treat.

    Marshmallow Confetti: Strawberry frosting blended with rich vanilla marshmallow cream, topped with ripe, juicy strawberries. Two different marshmallow notes make this so delicious, plus our best selling strawberry. 

    Whipped Coconut Cream: Coconut milk gets whipped to perfection into a creamy concoction. 

    Mango Orange Buttercream: Ripe mangoes and fresh squeezed oranges get infused into a decadent buttercream frosting.

    Orange Vanilla Cream: Juicy oranges get whipped into a yummy vanilla cream.

    Milk Chocolate Marshmallows: The creamiest milk chocolate drizzled over homemade marshmallows.

    Mango Cotton Candy: The perfect sugared mango. Imagine fresh spun cotton candy and the juiciest mango.

    Raspberry Cream Sprinkles: We took our much loved Sprinkles and blended it with raspberry cream.

    Buttercream Coffee Cake: Who doesn't love coffee cake? Our's comes topped with a layer of homemade buttercream frosting to make it deliciously creamy.

    Toasted Coconut: This smells just like toasted coconut toppings!

    Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Fresh spun cotton candy infused with unforgettable blue raspberry.

    Red Musk: This is a pure red musk. 

    Vanilla Rose Petal Cake: The best selling rose scent! Even people who don't like rose fall in love with this scent. A gorgeous vanilla infused cake topped with vanilla dipped rose petals.

    Pink Papaya Milk: Tropical papayas blended with delicious cream.

    Candied Island Water: Creed Virgin Island Water blended with Pink Sugar. A customer favorite. 

    Coconut Bourbon Vanilla: Our best selling Bourbon Vanilla twisted with fresh cracked coconut.

    Hello, Sunshine!: A gorgeous blend of lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. 

    Pistachio Macaroon: Fresh baked macaroons with pistachio filling.

    Pink Bubblegum: A true bubblegum scent. Nothing plastic or artificial smelling.

    The Fiji Mermaid: Fresh ocean water infused with lime and the scent of water lily drifting in the water.

    Birthday Cake: The most delicious authentic birthday cake you’ve ever smelled. 

    Green Apple Milkshake: Crunchy green apples blended with a rich creamy vanilla milkshake.

    Frozen Margarita: Like being on a tropical vacation. A truly delicious margarita scent.

    Strawberry Milk: Our best selling strawberry mixed with vanilla milk.

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: The comforting blend of oatmeal, creamy milk and exotic honey.

    Turkish Mocha: Turkish coffee blended with milk, nutmeg and honey. 

    Autumn Spice Cake: Rich yellow cake with notes of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and butter.

    Almond Rum Cake: Almond cake batter infused with rum topped with a buttercream frosting. 

    Captain Crunch Berries: Just like the cereal!

    Mediterranean Sea Salt: Just like the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Salty and ozonic. 

    Fresh Linen: Like fresh linens hanging in the breeze. A fresh clean cotton scent. 

    Ocean Water: This will remind you of being at the beach. Smells like fresh ocean waves.

    White Citus: Crisp citrus and water lily.

    Nectar Sorbet: Ripe passion fruit, luscious dragon fruit and iced sorbet!

    Sea Salt Yuzu: Sea salt, satsuma and grapefruit. 

    Lychee Bloom: This is a gorgeous scent! The lychee gives it sweetness, yet the overall scent is fresh and intoxicating. 

    Nearly Nude Cocoa: Exotic amber blended with decadent cocoa.

    Tiare Flower Vanille: The most beautiful tropical island flower blended with exotic vanilla.

    D'Lish: Exotic vanilla blended with our best selling strawberry.

    Coco Mango Love Affair: Fresh cracked coconut milk blended with juicy mango.

    Cool Cucumber: Just like the name says. A pure refreshing cucumber scent.

    Mr. Bean's Peach Elixir: Our best selling Mr. Beans Elixir with juicy peaches. Mr. Beans Elixir is a decadent vanilla Creme brûlée. 

    Bourbon Vanilla: Our best selling exotic vanilla. 

    Amour d'Amande: Very warm and sensual. An exquisite blend of vanilla, marshmallow, the tiniest bit of pastry, and a rich, luscious almond.

    Lavender Love Notes: Freshly fallen snow with soft lavender. 

    Savannah Summer Scoop: Peach ice cream sprinkled with pink sugar.

    Lavender Marshmallow Cream: Whipped marshmallow cream blended with sweet lavender.

    Her Name Was Lola: If you're a fan of Italian blood orange scents, then we think you're going to adore this! We start with real Italian blood orange, add creamy vanilla-infused coconut milk, and finish it all off with tangy, real sweet orange oil. Tropical decadence at it's best!

    Coconut Sugar Milk: A sexy coconut scent? Yes! Imagine a bowl of scrumptious sugar milk inside of an exotic, freshly-cracked black coconut!

    The Salty Mermaid: A beautiful fresh lagoon island water scent. 

    Creamsicle Cotton Candy: Dreamy creamsicle bites rolled in sugared cotton candy fluffs. 

    Orange Peach Glacè: Juicy sugared & glazed oranges blended with vanilla bean dipped peaches. 

    Pistachio Pudding Waffle Cone: Our best-selling  waffle cone filled with decadent pistachio pudding.

    The BEST Lemon: Look no further! If you’re seeking the most delicious sweet lemon we’ve got a treat for you. 

    Cherry Crush Macaroon: Crushed cherries infused with decadent marshmallows layered into a toasted macaroon. 

    Coco Papaya Sugar: Tropical papayas rolled in coconut flakes & sprinkled with pink sugar. 

    Cherry Almond Vanilla Cone: Vanilla Dream Cone gets twisted with the ultimate cherry almond liqueur. 

    Berry Crystalline: Exotic ripe strawberries, notes of crystalline & lily of the valley. Don’t let the notes deceive you - this is an incredibly mysterious scent.

    Raspberry Kissed Coconut: Sweet raspberry cream infused with the most delicious coconut.

    Lush Chocolate: Waves of chocolate blended with our best-selling Seriously Sexy Sandalwood.

    Cantaloupe Dream Cones: A tropical delight! Vanilla Dream Cones infused with dreamy cantaloupe cream. 

    Aloha Island Cake: Pineapple coconut cake, milky vanilla and a touch of cherry.

    Sugared Coconut Peach Macaroons: Our favorite macaroon blended with toasted coconut shavings, brown sugar and peach cream. 

    Caramel Waffle Cone: Creamy warm caramel drizzled over our fresh-baked, super delicious waffle cone. 

    Island Vibes: Sugary coconut water blended with fresh island lime.

    Coconut Sorbet: Sugary sweet coconut sorbet with a touch of sweet citrus!

    Sanibel Island: A gorgeous blend! Sweet ocean water, sea salt, sun and ocean spray. Staff fave!

    Beach Daze: Cotton linens blowing in the fresh beach air. 

    French Vanilla Pear: A gorgeous blend, heavy on the delicious French vanilla with hints of juicy pear!

    Coppertone Suntan Oil: A must-have! This is a gorgeous memory scent! You’ll be transported to days of lying on the beach with this classic scent of suntan oil!

    Sunset cupcakes: A confection to die for! Delicious cupcakes, sugar icing, poundcake, glacé, crushed fruity pebbles frosting. We love this and you will, too!! 

    Blue Hawaiian Punch: The best summer punch out there! Seriously, if you love fruity punches you’ll love this! Touches of vanilla rum and coconut blended in this as well, making this a summer fave!

    Kauai: Named for one of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands! Clear ocean water, salt spray, blue lagoons, sailing on a sunny day!

    Pink Kumquat Cotton Candy: Pink Sugar, delicious juicy Kumquats and our best selling cotton candy!

    Midori Coconut Cake: This. Is. Delish! Frostings, cakes, icing, sugared citrus and fruits! The hottest cake in Havana!

    Lost in Tahiti: Wafts of sexy vanillas and exotic vanilla beans. If you’re a vanilla lover, this is a gorgeous, exotic vanilla you’ll love!

    Peach Marshmallow Crème: Sugared peaches are dipped in vanilla sugar and blended perfectly with tons of fluffy marshmallows over a bed of rich vanilla infused with peach frosting. 

    Sprinkles: This smells so good! Whipped buttercream frosting with those birthday cake sprinkles all over!


    Twisted Designer Blends:
    Baccarat Wedding Cake: Baccarat Rouge 540 inspired by MFK blended with the best wedding cake ever. 

    Lost Cherry Coconut: Lost Cherry inspired by Tom Ford blended with fresh cracked coconut milk.

    Black Marshmallows: Black Opium inspired by YSL blended with our best selling Marshmallow Vanilla Musk.

    Sugared Black Coconut: Black Opium inspired by YSL blended with coconut sugar milk and caramel waffle cone. 

    Pineapple on the Beach: On The Beach inspired by Louis Vuitton blended with juicy pineapples. 

    Vanilla Good Girl: Good Girl inspired by Carolina Herrera blended with 4 exotic vanillas.

    Fantasy Blackberry: Fantasy inspired by Britney Spears blended with fresh blackberries.

    Layering Kit Description’s:
    (Save $10 when you purchase a layering kit)

    Ultimate Layering Kit: Whipped Body Scrub, Caribbean Body Butter, Body Glow & Body Mist

    Deluxe Layering Kit: Whipped Body Scrub, Caribbean Body Butter, Body Glow & Super Perfume.

    Super Deluxe Layering Kit: Whipped Body Scrub, Caribbean Body Butter, Body Glow, Body Mist & Super Perfume.

    Whipped Body Scrub: Our Whipped Body Scrub is an abundance of exactly what you need to have that youthful, smooth, radiant, light reflecting skin that makes you look healthy, gorgeous and radiant! Because it's a whipped sugar scrub, our scrubs glide on smoothly without separating or becoming oily. Added Argan oil is whipped into our sugar scrub - to easily revitalize skin and restore softness while improving skin's texture.

    Body Glow: With our best selling Body Glow, you can have that dewy, supple skin at any time of year. We blend ultra-light oils including certified organic sunflower oil and shea oil – that's shea butter's thinner cousin – with your choice of fragrance for a glossing serum that makes your skin glow. Whisper-light oils mean the dry-down of our Body Glow is almost instantaneous; your skin drinks it in, leaving you soft and supple, but never greasy.

    Caribbean Body Butter: A blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter gets a special emollient boost from cupuassu butter from the Amazon basin. It's the ultimate treat for dry skin, but it's also a phenomenal conditioner for summer-bronzed bodies of any skin type because the non-comedogenic oils melt so readily into your skin. Imagine all of the silky, rich tropical oils whirled together into one amazingly thick and luscious body butter, and you'll have something like our Caribbean Butter.

    Everything Mist: We don’t call this mist an Everything Mist for no reason! The perfect spray for your body, sheets, house, and you car! Anytime you need a quick burst of fragrance, or a refresher, just grab this amazing, long lasting mist! Also great for scent layering with our other incredible products.

    Super Perfume: Amazing, long-lasting perfume (33% - 50% "Juice") in an Organic Alcohol Base.  A wonderful, long-lasting perfume - that you'll adore! The best way to apply perfume is just spritz and do nothing at all.  Do not rub wrists together. This preserves the integrity of the fragrance you’ve just spritzed.

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