Haunted New Orleans Collection 🏚

5100 Ponchartrain: Juicy blackberries, sweet, buttered cream, pastry crust and vanilla ice cream.
Josie's Flaming Tomb: Crimson pomegranate, red cherries dusted with a touch of brown sugar and glazed red marshmallows.
French Balls in Storyville: Freshly baked sugar cookies, buttercream frosting sprinkled with vanilla, nutmeg and cocoa.
Lucinda's Despair: Crystallized rose water, fresh squeezed lemon and buttercream.
The Vienna Parlor: A scrumptious blend of Cappuccino Chantilly au Chocolat.
 Dark Voodoo Queen: Creme brulee, espresso and bits of butter brickle.
Ghost of the Creole Queen: Creamy dark chocolate blended with bright blood orange cake.

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