Scent Descriptions

Strawberry Marshmallow Vanilla Musk: Our two best-selling scents come together for this fragrance! Marshmallow Vanilla Musk blended with 7 Strawberry Lane!
Blood Orange Marshmallow Cream: Juicy blood oranges blended with fluffy marshmallow cream.
Black Cherry Cotton Candy: The best black cherry gets infused with fresh spun pink cotton candy.
Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!: A best-selling fragrance since 2008! This is a one of a kind blend. Candied carnival apples, fresh spun cotton candy and the most delicious funnel cake!
Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Our mega hit fragrance Marshmallow White Cake blended with ripe, juicy blackberries.
Pink Cotton Candy: We've been told we have the best cotton candy and this is it! No fake syrupy smells here. Just fresh spun cotton candy.
Berry Loves Poundcake: This was a huge hit from our Valentine's Day collection. The ultimate poundcake with juicy strawberries. This is delicious!
Vanilla Musk:
Lime Cotton Candy: Only the best cotton candy ever infused with fresh limes. This is a perfect sugared lime.
Peach Marshmallow Creme: Goergia peaches get infused with whipped marshmallow creme.
Pineapple Glace: This is a pure delicious pineapple scent!
Orange Juice Cake Pops: Imagine the creamiest cake batter gets infused with orange juice then baked to perfection. This is a decadent treat.
Marshmallow Confetti:
Whipped Coconut Cream: Coconut milk gets whipped to perfection into a creamy concoction.
Mango Orange Buttercream: Ripe mangoes and fresh squeezed oranges get infused into a decadent buttercream frosting.
Orange Vanilla Cream: Juicy oranges get whipped into a yummy vanilla cream.
Milk Chocolate Marshmallows: The creamiest milk chocolate drizzled over homemade marshmallows.
Mango Cotton Candy: The perfect sugared mango. Imagine fresh spun cotton candy and the juiciest mango.
Raspberry Cream Sprinkles: We took our much loved Sprinkles and blended it with raspberry cream.
Buttercream Coffee Cake: Who doesn't love coffee cake? Our's comes topped with a layer of homemade buttercream frosting to make it deliciously creamy.
Toasted Coconut: This smells just like toasted coconut toppings!
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Fresh spun cotton candy infused with unforgettable blue raspberry.
Red Musk:
Vanilla Rose Petal Cake: The best selling rose scent! Even people who don't like rose fall in love with this scent. A gorgeous vanilla infused cake topped with vanilla dipped rose petals.
Pink Papaya Milk:
Candied Island Water:
Coconut Bourbon Vanilla:
Hello, Sunshine!:
Pistachio Macaroon:
Pink Bubblegum:
The Fiji Mermaid:
Birthday Cake:
Green Apple Milkshake:
Frozen Margarita:
Strawberry Milk:
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey:
Turkish Mocha:
Autumn Spice Cake:
Almond Rum Cake:
Captain Crunch Berries:
Mediterranean Sea Salt:
Fresh Linen:
Ocean Water:
White Citus:
Nectar Sorbet:
Sea Salt Yuzu:
Lychee Bloom:
Nearly Nude Cocoa:
Tiare Flower Vanille:
Coco Mango Love Affair:
Cool Cucumber:
Mr. Bean's Peach Elixir:
Bourbon Vanilla:
Amour d'Amande:
Lavender Love Notes:
Savannah Summer Scoop:
Lavender Marshmallow Cream:
Her Name Was Lola:
Coconut Sugar Milk:
The Salty Mermaid:
Twisted Bunny Cotton Candy:
Coconut Peeps:
Can't Sleep, Bunnies Are After Me!:

Twisted Designer Blends:
Baccarat Wedding Cake:
Lost Cherry Coconut:
Black Marshmallows:
Sugared Black Coconut:
Pineapple on the Beach:
Vanilla Good Girl:
Fantasy Blackberry:

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