Swamp Sips Collection 🍸

Full Moontini: Fluffy merengue ghosts, white chocolate, vanilla cake batter, pink sugar, and blackberry syrup.
Jack-o-Tini: Frosted pumpkin cupcake crumbles, floating marshmallows, candy corn liqueur, sprinkled with brown sugar.
Hot Apple Hex: Warm caramel apples, sweet dulce de leche topped with cherry sugar.
Electric Boo-Galoo: Raspberry, cranberry, black cherry, pink lemonade and fizzy champagne.
Caramel Apple Pietini: Crunchy green apples, vanilla buttercream, warm caramel with sprinkles of pie crust on top.
Boo-nilla Shake: Candied almonds, whipped vanilla ice cream and loads of giant marshmallows.

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