The Pirate’s Collection 🏴‍☠️

The Lovers: Aphrodisiacal sugared figs dipped in the most gorgeous blend of vanillas, including French vanilla, kissed with a touch of white musk.
Black Sails: Cotton sails blowing in the Caribbean night breeze, kissed with a hint of rare sea salts and dark moonlight.
The Pirate's Wench: A bawdy blend of salacious sweets! Sweet pumpkin blended with moist, delicious gold cake and rum caramel frosting.
Captain Jack: An absolutely gorgeous unisex scent that is pure sexiness! Imagine a soft leather chair in the corner, wisps of tobacco swirling in the air, the dark mist outside, and a tiny bowl of cloves in a nearby table by the fire.
Blue Bloods: Creamy blue Marshmallows, Blue Sugar and warm white cake.
Grog: The most delicious hot buttered rum you’ve ever had, blended with marshmallow cream and crumbled, buttery shortbread!
Shipwreck Cake: The aroma of fresh-baked lemon poppy seed cake with vanilla cake batter and a hint of marshmallow.
Drunken Pumpkin: Delicious, sweet buttered pumpkin blended with candied rum and gourmand bourbon and vanillas.
Shipwreck Island: Coconut sugar cookies brushed with warm buttery rum!

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