About Us

It all began in 2005.

Spending my life on the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, I absolutely love the ocean, sunning and the entire life that came with living on the coast.  It was the constant exposure to sun and surf that sparked my concern for skincare.  

Prior to my skincare obsession, I was educated in forensic science and chemistry and worked with the Medical Examiner's office.  It was something I was always fascinated with, but found the day-to-day of it all to be very emotionally taxing and I wanted to do something "happier".

After much research, I focused on exfoliation and the importance of it. There was really nothing better that you could do for your skin than exfoliate and hydrate!  After years of being confused at department store counters and hundreds of brands promoting anti-aging and skincare, I decided to figure out what really worked and started my own research to find the solution to gorgeous skin and skincare.

This led to the development of our trademark product; Double Whipped Body Scrubs. Disappointed with the choices that I saw out there which appeared to be nothing more than sugar or salt topped with oil. After trying these scrubs, I was equally disappointed by feeling greasy and not hydrated. I was determined to find a better method of exfoliation which led to Sugar Works’ clean rinsing, slightly foaming, moisturizing body scrub. I also wanted to bring sugar scrubs to life as they seemed to be a somewhat monotonous  product, but needed to be seen as an important part of daily skin care. I therefore sought out not only to make them good for you but also fun, colorful and interesting.

Sugar Works' Sugar Scrubs are packed with nourishing ingredients such as Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème™, organic oils and butters, multiple grain-sizes of sugar, as well as organic raw cane sugar. My passion for hand-blending unique, one-of-a-kind fragrances led me to expand Sugar Works scent library into the amazing selection of fragrances available today. From best selling fragrances that stay year round, to a wonderful array of seasonal fragrances, there is a fragrance for everyone. 

Sugar Works now provides a broad spectrum of bath and body care products, from the best selling sugar scrubs, whipped body butters, our best selling body glow oil and of course amazing perfume blends.  

Sugar Works invites you to indulge in your fragrance and perfume fantasies while lavishing your skin and body with wonderful products. We hope our passion with fragrance and hand-blended perfumes, as well as body scrubs and bath and body care, translates into a fantastically scent-ual pampering experience for you.

I'm constantly involved with research and development and working on new goodies to bring to you!  We also donate our products to causes in and out of the area. I love what we do and hope you will as well.



Sugar Works Founder