Why Sugar Works!

Sugar Works' Sugar Scrubs make your skin radiant, soft and youthful looking!

Want to enjoy sugar in a way that’s completely healthy, makes you gorgeous and won’t add an ounce to your hips? An invigorating scented sugar scrub like our Signature Sugar Scrub is the perfect way to put sugar to work for you! Sugar works for your skin in so many ways, but it all begins with exfoliation!

The best way to get youthful skin is to moisturize, but what good is moisturizing if you are putting it on top of dead skin cells?  Exfoliation gets rid of all those dead skin cells, and then your skin is totally ready for moisturization!  That's the secret to your Best. Skin. Ever!


The outermost layer of cells on your skin make up your epidermis. As these cells age, they flatten and turn opaque. Although your skin sheds them eventually, they tend to cling like so many tiny wet newspapers, making your skin look dull and ashy. Exfoliation with sugar sweeps them away to reveal the clean, clear and healthy skin beneath them.

Sugar’s grainy texture makes it ideal for exfoliation. As you work a creamy sugar scrub into your skin, the soft granules of sugar gently loosen the old newspapers that litter your skin’s surface. Plenty of things are gritty, but what makes sugar work so well is its structure. Sugar crystals are smooth enough to be gentle, yet strong enough to work. Unlike harsh particles, sugar dissolves away smoothly as you use it, polishing your skin instead of scraping it.

Using sugar for exfoliation has another unique benefit: it produces glycolic acid, one of the same alpha hydroxy acids – also known as AHAs – that goes into fabulously expensive skin creams. While sugar crystals physically sweep away those old newspaper-like cells, AHAs help dissolve the sticky bonds between them to make lifting them easier. Synthetic scrubs don’t do double duty the way a sugar scrub can.


As vital as it is, exfoliation is only half the sugar scrub story. Sugar’s naturally hygroscopic; that’s a fancy way of saying that sugar draws water to it. When you use our Sugar Body Scrub in the bath or shower, the sugar in the scrub grabs water out of the surrounding environment and holds it close to your skin where it does the most good. Even after you’ve rinsed the sugar scrub away cleanly, the hydrating effect remains.

By itself, sugar wouldn’t last long as a scrub; it dissolves too quickly in water. That’s why a scrub also contains moisturizing oils. Our Sugar Body Scrub is whipped with a blend of organic oils to seal in the moisture that the sugar draws to your skin. The oils and butters in the rich, frosting-like whipped scrub let the sugar dissolve at just the right rate to leave your skin perfectly polished.

Understanding how sugar scrubs work isn’t essential to getting glowing skin, but isn’t it nice to know that the sugar scrub that keeps your skin so smooth is working so hard? You’ll love what sugar does for your skin.