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Bath & Body Works Inspired Scent Collection

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    Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds: This scent captures the essence of fluffy marshmallows toasted to golden perfection, mingling with the sweet nostalgia of cotton candy and warm vanilla. Experience a sensory journey that evokes carefree moments by the seaside, wrapped in a delectable cloud of sweetness and joy.

    Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow: This fragrance transports you to the shoreline, where the ocean breeze mingles with the sweet, toasty aroma of marshmallows over a beach bonfire. Experience the essence of carefree summer nights with every delightful whiff.

    Blueberry Sugar Pancakes: This scent combines the sweetness of ripe blueberries with the comforting aroma of freshly cooked pancakes, sprinkled with a dusting of sugar. Indulge in the warm, mouthwatering embrace of breakfast favorites with every delightful whiff.


    Confetti Cake Pop: Indulge in the sweet celebration of freshly baked confetti cake, wrapped in a playful aroma of sugary sprinkles. Embrace the delicious nostalgia of birthdays and special occasions with every enchanting whiff.

    Cotton Candy Clouds: This scent captures the whimsical essence of fluffy cotton candy, as it floats on a gentle breeze high above. Experience pure delight as you’re transported to a realm where sugary dreams and airy sweetness combine, leaving an ethereal trail of bliss with each breath.

    Fire Roasted Marshmallows: This scent envelops you in the warmth of a crackling bonfire, where marshmallows toast to golden perfection, releasing a sweet, smoky aroma. Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of a fireside moment, captured in every delightful whiff.

    Kaleidoscope: This scent mirrors the ever-shifting beauty of a kaleidoscope, blending a harmonious mix of effervescent citrus, dreamy florals, and a hint of warm vanilla. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of colors and aromas that dance together to create a truly mesmerizing experience.

    Pink Bubblegum Life: This scent captures the joyous essence of freshly chewed bubblegum, with a burst of fruity delight and a hint of pink cotton candy. Indulge in the carefree spirit of childhood, wrapped in a pink bubblegum cloud of pure happiness.

    Wicked Vanilla Woods: This scent conjures the allure of moonlit woods, where dark vanilla entwines with smoky woods, creating an aroma that’s both alluring and mysterious. Embark on a journey through the deep, enchanting woods every time you wear this evocative fragrance.

    Vampires Blood: This scent conjures visions of midnight rituals, combining rich, velvety notes of blood-red berries, sweet vanilla, and a touch of earthy musk. Dive into a world of gothic romance and mystique with every intoxicating whiff of this alluring fragrance.

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