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Super Parfum

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    Super Parfum: Amazing, long-lasting perfume (33% - 50% "Juice") in an Organic Alcohol Base.  A wonderful, long-lasting perfume - that you'll adore! The best way to apply perfume is just spritz and do nothing at all.  Do not rub wrists together. This preserves the integrity of the fragrance you’ve just spritzed.




    Sugar Works’ Blends:

    Apricot Mallows: Our best-selling Sugar Me! Marshmallow blended with juicy sweet Apricot.

    Banana Split: Calling all banana lovers! This is a scent for you. The most delicious Banana Split is made of creamy Vanilla Ice Cream, fluffy Whipped Cream, sweet Bananas, and a Cherry on top!

    Banana Dream Cone: Our much-loved Vanilla Dream Cone (This is yum! A scrumptious blend of creamy vanillas, sweet buttercream and vanilla sugar cones.) blended with the perfect Banana! This is so delicious.

    Blood Orange Dream Cone: Our much-loved Vanilla Dream Cone (This is yum! A scrumptious blend of creamy vanillas, sweet buttercream and vanilla sugar cones.) blended with juicy Blood Oranges. This is a perfect creamy summer dessert scent.

    Blood Orange Cotton Candy: Just like being at a Tuscan Carnivale! Spun Pink Cotton Candy blended with Italian Blood Oranges. Beyond Delicious!

    Blueberry Dream Cake: The juiciest of Blueberries blended with a creamy Vanilla Milkshake, little frosted Cake Bites and Whipped Cream.

    CAKE.: A delicious Caramel Sauce poured over fresh baked Cake. If you love rich decadent gooey caramel desserts, you won’t be disappointed!

    Confection Perfection: A return best-seller! Creamy whipped Marshmallows with delicious Milk Chocolate. It really is confection perfection!

    Cake on the Beach: The ultimate summer poundcake! Perfectly baked poundcake with whipped Lemon Frosting topped with juicy Limes.

    Caramel Waffle Cone: Creamy warm caramel drizzled over our fresh-bakes super delicious Waffle Cone.

    Candied Island Water: Like visiting the island of your dreams. Crystalline Island Waters swirled with waves of Pink Sugar.

    Candied Dragon Fruit Mallows: Fluffy Whipped Marshmallow Cream infused with Pink Sugar crystals, juicy Strawberries and ripe Dragon Fruit.

    Clouds in my Coffee: Creamy Marshmallows float atop a decadent blend of Gourmet Coffee.
    Cherry Almond Dream Cone: Vanilla Dream Cone gets twisted with the ultimate Cherry Almond.

    Coconut Lemongrass: If you love Coconut Lemongrass then you’re sure to love our version!
    Cupid’s Confetti: Whipped Strawberry Frosting, Candied Orange Cake Bites, and Sweet Cherry Vanilla Icing bobbing in Powdered Sugar Marshmallows.

    Coco Mango Love Affair: Fresh cracked Coconut Milk blended with juicy Mango.

    Cappuccino Dream Cone: The most decadent Cappuccino Ice Cream. Vanilla Dream Cone gets twisted with the perfect Cappuccino blend.

    Cantaloupe Dream Cone: This is a must try! Sweet juicy Cantaloupe blended with creamy Vanilla Dream Cone.

    Captain Crunch Berries: Just like the cereal! This scent is delicious. Like a berry bakery dessert.

    Cherry Loves Pineapple: Does cherry love pineapple or does pineapple love cherry? Who cares! This blend is juicy and summery either way.

    Dole Whip: Our best-selling Sugar Me! Marshmallow topped with juicy Pineapple rings.

    Dreamy Watermelon: Dreamy Watermelon: Summer Watermelons sliced and dipped in a creamy vanilla batter then fried to perfection. A DELICIOUS Summer treat.

    Fruity Pebbles: Fruity-licious! This is one of those happy scents that childhood memories are made on. 

    French Vanilla Whip: What’s more decadent than rich, creamy French Vanilla with peaks of Whipped Cream folded in? This is a vanilla lover’s dream.

    Fruit Punch Yum: A delicious mix of juicy fruits! Yummy strawberries, ripe, sweet oranges, sunny peaches, candied raspberries and sugar punch!

    Fruity Pebble Marshmallows: Our best-selling Sugar Me! Marshmallow blended to perfection with our much-loved Fruity Pebbles.

    Green Apple Milkshake: Crunchy Green Apples blended with a rich creamy Vanilla Milkshake. (previously known as Grinchmas)

    Happy Birthday: The ultimate birthday cake scent! Nothing like freshly baked birthday cake covered in the most decadent whipped frosting. 

    I Heart Orange: We’ll take you away to a creamy orange fantasy land! A single Tangelo Orange, mounds of fluffy sweet Orange Marshmallows, a dash of Sugar Crystals, a hint of Mango, and a kiss of White Peach.

    Key Lime Custard: Florida Key Limes blended into a rich Vanilla Custard.

    Lavender Marshmallow Cream: Whipped Marshmallow Cream blended with sweet Lavender.

    Lime in da Coconut: The best Coconut Lime! Juicy island Limes blended with creamy Coconut Milk.

    Lime Cotton Candy: Only the best Cotton Candy ever infused with fresh Limes. This is the perfect sugared lime.

    Love Me Meringue: Peaks of sugared Merengue, soft Whipped Cream and sweet Lemon Custard are topped with glazed Lemon Drops.

    Marshmallow Cupcake: Freshly baked cupcakes topped with fluffy Marshmallow Frosting.

    Marshmallow Cotton Candy Cake: An epic dessert treat! Delicious white cake covered in cotton candy frosting topped with only the fluffiest marshmallows. 

    Mango Cotton Candy: The perfect sugared Mango blended with freshly spun Cotton Candy.

    Marshmallow Snowcake: Whirls of Marshmallow fluff on soft silver Cake with a thick layer of snowy Frosting.

    Marshmallow Vanilla Musk: Fluffy marshmallows and dreamy vanilla musk. 

    Marshmallow Cotton Candy: Two best selling scents into one! Sugar Me! Marshmallow blended with fresh spun Cotton Candy.

    Magical Love Cake: Bites of frosted White Cake, Pink Buttercream Icing, Juicy Strawberries and Passionfruit Sugar.

    Orange Dreamsicle: A creamy orange dreamsicle scent! Perfect for summer.

    Pear Cotton Candy: Fresh green Pears infused into fluffy Cotton Candy.

    Pistachio Dream Cone: Pistachio blends perfectly with creamy Vanilla Ice Cream and Sugared Waffle Cones.

    Pineapple Cotton Candy: Island fresh Pineapples blended with the best Cotton Candy ever!

    Peach Marshmallow Cream: Georgia Peaches get infused with whipped Marshmallow Cream.

    Pineapple Dream Cone: Candied Pineapple Chunks swirled into Vanilla Ice Cream then scooped into the perfect Sugared Waffle Cone bowl.

    Rainbow Sherbet: The rainbow sherbet you’ve been waiting for! Fruity, creamy, delicious!

    Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Our mega hit fragrance Marshmallow White Cake blended with ripe juicy Blackberries.

    Sugar Me! Marshmallow: You know that gorgeous scent that greets you when you open a bag of fluffy marshmallows? We've taken it a step further with Sugar Me! Marshmallow, one of our most delectable best-sellers ever.

    Strawberry Lemon Poundcake: Layers of only the best Strawberry Poundcake topped with Whipped Lemon Frosting then adorned with sliced Sugared Strawberries.

    Strawberry Mango Buttercream: Whipped Buttercream Frosting infused with a sweet and creamy Strawberry Mango sauce.

    Salted Caramel Marshmallow: Huge fluffy Marshmallows drizzled in warm gooey caramel sprinkled in sea salt.

    Savannah Summer Scoop: Juicy Georgia Peaches, creamy Vanilla Ice Cream topped with sprinkles of Pink Sugar.

    Strawberry Dream Cone: Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream filled into a Sugared Waffle Cone drizzled in Strawberry sauce.

    Strawberry Sugar Dream Cone: Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream filled into a Sugared Waffle Cone drizzled in Strawberry sauce and topped with Pink Sugar crystals.

    Strawberry Pink Sugar Marshmallow White Cake: A best seller for years. Our much-loved Marshmallow White Cake blended with juicy Strawberries, dusted in Pink Sugar crystals.

    Summer Limeade: Creamy Coconut Milk infuses with delicious Summer Limeade. This is absolutely delicious!

    Tangerine Cotton Candy: Juicy Tangerines spun into pink Cotton Candy!

    The Salty Mermaid: This is a summer best seller! A fresh ocean lagoon scent. This is a must try!

    Vanilla Stars & Coconut Blvds.: A coconut and vanilla lovers perfect scent! Ripened Vanilla Pods, fresh Coconut Milk, Vanilla Absolute, and Coconut Cream.

    Vanilla Rose Petal Cake: The best-selling rose scent! Even people who don’t like rose fall in love with this scent. A gorgeous Vanilla infused Cake topped with Vanilla dipped Rose Petals.

    Vanilla Dream Cone: This is yum! A scrumptious blend of creamy vanillas, sweet buttercream and vanilla sugar cones.
    Watermelon Lemonade: A definite must have! Sweet watermelon blended with sugared Meyer lemons!
    Twisted Designer Blends:
    Baccarat Mallows: Our much loved and beautiful inspiration of Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK blended with our best-selling Sugar Me! Marshmallow.

    Black Marshmallows: Sugar Me! Marshmallow blended beautifully with our inspiration of Black Opium by YSL.

    Lost Cherry Dream Cone: Vanilla Dream Cone blended with our inspiration of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford.

    Lost Cherry Bunnies: A gorgeous chocolate and cherry scent. Our inspiration of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford blended with creamy Milk Chocolate.

    Oriana Marshmallow: Our much loved inspiration of Oriana by Parfums de Marly blended beautifully with Sugar Me! Marshmallow.

    Pink Baccarat: The perfect fresh spun Cotton Candy blended with our gorgeous Baccarat Rouge 540 inspiration.

    Shy Marshmallows: Sugar Me! Marshmallow blended with our inspiration of Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian.

    Strawberry Cream Baccarat: Rich vanilla cake, juicy Strawberries, Buttercream Frosting blended with our inspiration of Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK.

    Strawberry Candy Baccarat: Juicy Strawberries and Cotton Candy blended with our inspiration of Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK.

    Sugar Belle: Sugar Me! Marshmallow and Cotton Candy combine with our inspiration of La Vie Est Belle by Lancome.

    Whipped Cherry Rouge: Absolutely gorgeous! This is a blend of our inspiration from Baccarat Rouge 540 blended with Lost Cherry and our most loved Sugar Me! Marshmallow.


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