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Whipped Soap & Shaving Cream

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    Whipped Soap & Shaving Cream: Sugar Works' Whipped Soap is a total treat for your skin. It's luxurious -with a creamy and fluffy texture. It lathers really well so a little bit goes a long way. Use as shaving cream for a soft moisturizing feel on your skin. Put a little in your shower puff and lather up as a body wash! Or use it as a hand soap in your bathroom.. You'll love it and its versatility! Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Virgin Oil de Coco-Crème, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Argan Oil, Sorbitol, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Mica. Tetrasodium EDTA, FD&C Colorants.



    Magical Love Cake: Bites of frosted White Cake, Pink Buttercream Icing, Juicy Strawberries and Passionfruit Sugar.
    P.S. I Love You: A Creamy Vanilla Black Raspberry Milkshake poured over Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake.
    Sugar Me! Strawberry: Sugar Me! Marshmallow and 7 Strawberry Lane get married in this mouth-watering blend. Juicy Strawberries paired with the fluffiest of Marshmallows.
    Cast a Love Spell: Sweet Maraschino Cherries intertwine with spun pink Cotton Candy only to get drizzled in sweet Raspberry glace topped with Pink Sugar crystals.
    Let’s Sparkle Together: Glistening Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Pink Sugar and a pop of Candied Champagne.
    Cupid’s Confetti: Whipped Strawberry Frosting, Candied Orange Cake Bites, and Sweet Cherry Vanilla Icing bobbing in Powdered Sugar Marshmallows.
    Love Me Meringue: Peaks of sugared Merengue, soft Whipped Cream and sweet Lemon Custard are topped with glazed Lemon Drops.
    Orange You Sweet?!: A blend of juicy Candied Oranges rolled in Pink Sugar crystals. This is too good to pass up!
    French Vanilla Whip: What’s more decadent than rich, creamy French Vanilla with peaks of Whipped Cream folded in? This is a vanilla lovers dream.
    French Strawberry Dip: The richest French Vanilla get enveloped by only the juiciest of Strawberries. A match made in Heaven.
    Pamper Me Forever: Clouds of exotic Madagascar Marshmallows blended with creamy Pink Sugar and gorgeous sweet Lavender.
    Coconuts Over You: Rich and decadent Coconut Cream with Marshmallow Pie Crust. Yum!


    Sugar Me! Marshmallow: You know that gorgeous scent that greets you when you open a bag of fluffy marshmallows? We've taken it a step further with Sugar Me! Marshmallow, one of our most delectable best-sellers ever.
    Whipped Cherry Rouge: Absolutely gorgeous! This is a blend of our inspiration from Baccarat Rouge 540 blended with Lost Cherry and our most loved Sugar Me! Marshmallow.
    Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake: Juicy, ripe summer blackberries blended into our best-selling Marshmallow White Cake.
    Vanilla Rose Petal Cake: A Beautiful blend of freshly baked and frosted White Cake with Rose Petals dipped in creamy Marshmallow topped with sugar crystals.
    Sugarcake: Our best-selling cake scent is back, and it's as luscious as ever! Sugarcake is a blend of rich vanilla cake, sweet frosting, and sugar sprinkles. If you love delicious gourmand fragrances, this one is a must-have.
    Cupcakes at Sunrise: A sugary confection that is to die for! Sweet orange peels with crystalized sugar, whipped frosting, soft citrus icing and cupcake notes. 
    Fruity Pebbles: Fruity-licious! This is one of those happy scents that childhood memories are made on. 
    7 Strawberry Lane: Nothing but pure, juicy strawberries.
    Blue Island Water: An exotic melange that captures the warm essence of sparkling blue water, sweet coconut pulp, wild lime, sugar cane, white rum, hibiscus, mandarin orange, and gentle whispers of ginger and jasmine. A unique, exotic and sensuous fragrance that will take you away to another land.
    The Salty Mermaid: A beautiful fresh lagoon island water scent.
    Lavender Marshmallow Cream: Sweet lavender, sexy vanilla and fluffy marshmallow cream.
    Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me!: With the scent of luscious, red candied apples, funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and a froth of pink cotton candy to top it off, Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me! is a carnival of total deliciousness and fun. An iconic scent that has been a huge best seller for years! 
    Strawberry Pink Sugar Marshmallow White Cake: A best seller for years. Our much loved Marshmallow White Cake blended with juicy Strawberries, dusted in Pink Sugar crystals.
    Vanilla Dream Cone: This is yum! A scrumptious blend of creamy vanillas, sweet buttercream and vanilla sugar cones.
    Marshmallow Vanilla Musk: Fluffy marshmallows and dreamy vanilla musk. 
    Happy Birthday!: The ultimate birthday cake scent! Nothing like freshly baked birthday cake covered in the most decadent whipped frosting. 
    Blood Orange Cotton Candy: Just like being at a Tuscan Carnivale! Spun Pink Cotton Candy blended with Italian Blood Oranges. Beyond Delicious!
    Banana Split: Only the most mouth watering banana split you’ll ever smell. This is a must try!
    Watermelon Lemonade: A definite must have! Sweet watermelon blended with sugared Meyer lemons!
    Bourbon Vanilla: The gorgeous scent of Bourbon Vanilla!  Absolutely intoxicating!  One of our all-time favorite vanillas!
    Strawberry Cream Baccarat: Gorgeous Baccarat Rouge blended with Strawberry Cream Cake.
    Strawberry Candy Baccarat: A beautiful blend of spun Cotton Candy, juicy Strawberries and Baccarat Rouge 540.
    Iced Coconut: A dreamy island escape with the aroma of creamy coconut, whipped cream, and warm vanilla musk.
    Cotton Shores: Imagine being on the coast of an exotic island with hints of fresh cotton. The most beautiful island cotton scent around.
    Blueberry Monster: The juiciest of blueberries blended with a creamy vanilla milkshake, little frosted cake bites and whipped cream.
    Marshmallow Cotton Candy Cake: An epic dessert treat! Delicious white cake covered in cotton candy frosting topped with only the fluffiest marshmallows. 
    Key Lime Cake: The perfect island cake. Iced cake topped with key lime frosting and sugar crystals.
    Mummy Musk: Wrap yourself in sensual musk graced with sweet marshmallows, pink sugar, exotic vanilla and vanilla extract. This is one scent you’ll want to keep wrapped tightly around you. 
    Island Sorbet: Sugary sweet coconut sorbet with a touch of sweet citrus!
    Citrus Bellini:
    Madagascar Vanilla: Probably one of the sexiest vanillas around. An exotic vanilla made with the most expensive vanilla beans that leaves a warm and soft sweetness.
    Sprinkles: This smells so good! Whipped buttercream frosting with those birthday cake sprinkles all over!
    The Fiji Mermaid: Fresh ocean water infused with lime and the scent of water lily drifting in the water.
    Pink Cotton Candy: We've been told we have the best cotton candy and this is it! No fake syrupy smells here. Just fresh spun cotton candy.
    Blue Cotton Candy: A sweet cotton candy with soft hints of blue raspberries.
    Pink Sugar: Pink Sugar is an iconic scent. A best seller for years with notes of cotton candy, caramel, raspberry jam, and lemon drops.
    Pink Bubblegum: A childhood favorite. The classic scent of juicy pink bubblegum.
    Snickerdoodle Cookies: Just like the classic fresh out of the oven snickerdoodle cookies.
    Butterscotch, Baby!: Whipped butterscotch infused with caramel, vanilla, a touch of coconut and sweet bourbon.
    Jelly Beans: A classic blend of your favorite fruity candy.
    Thin Mints: A creamy blend of sweet mint and delicious dark chocolate. Just like those pillow thin mints.
    Sensual Amber: A sensual blend of sweet musk, amber and hints of vanilla.
    Island Vibes: Sugary coconut water blended with fresh island lime.
    Seriously Sexy Sandalwood: The sexiest sandalwood around.
    Egyptian Musk Noel: The much loved Egyptian musk gets enveloped in gorgeous vanillas.
    Mr. Bean’s Peach Elixir: Our best selling Mr. Beans Elixir with juicy peaches. Mr. Beans Elixir is a decadent vanilla Creme brûlée. 
    Honey Drip: A rich delicious honey.
    Tahitian Vanilla: Wafts of sexy vanillas and exotic vanilla beans. If you’re a vanilla lover, this is a gorgeous, exotic vanilla you’ll love!
    Grape Soda: Fizzy and fun. Just like a grape soda pop.
    Coconut Sugar Milk: A sexy coconut scent? Yes! Imagine a bowl of scrumptious sugar milk inside of an exotic, freshly-cracked black coconut!
    Cherry Slushie: The cherry slushie you know and love!
    Fruit Punch Yum!: A delicious mix of juicy fruits! Yummy strawberries, ripe, sweet oranges, sunny peaches, candied raspberries and sugar punch!
    Sugar Cookies: Fresh baked sugar cookies.
    Summer Soda Pop: A blend of soda pop infused with juicy oranges and sweet pineapples.
    Orange Juice Cake Pops: Imagine the creamiest cake batter gets infused with orange juice then baked to perfection. This is a decadent treat.
    Ocean Water: Exactly like the name implies. Fresh ocean water.
    Kona Surf: The epitome of beach scents. Warm sand, sunshine, sea spray, salt and a touch of suntan oil.
    Coppertone: A must-have! This is a gorgeous memory scent! You’ll be transported to days of lying on the beach with this classic scent of suntan oil!
    Pumpkin Mallow Baccarat: Creamy pumpkin marshmallows blended with gorgeous Baccarat Rouge 540.
    Captain Jack: An absolutely gorgeous unisex scent that is pure sexiness!  Imagine a soft leather chair in the corner, wisps of tobacco swirling in the air, the dark mist outside, and a tiny bowl of cloves in a nearby table by the fire.
    Rose Petal Tea Cakes: Pink rose petals dipped in a delicious vanilla glacé all decorated on a scrumptious vanilla poundcake.
    Bridal Wreath: A beautiful blend full of fresh florals.
    Rainbow Rainforest: This incredible scent will have you feeling like you're in Bali during a warm, rainy day.
    Gardenia Crème de Luxe: An exotic blend of rich smooth vanilla cream, sweet coconut milk, and a touch of lush creamy white gardenia blossoms.
    Raspberry Zinger: Sweet raspberries with toasted coconut, buttercream frosting and yellow marshmallow cake.
    Ghost of the Creole Queen: Creamy dark chocolate blended with bright blood orange cake.
    Dark Voodoo Queen: Creme brulee, espresso and bits of butter brickle. 
    Dreamy Watermelon: Summer Watermelons sliced and dipped in a creamy vanilla batter then fried to perfection. A DELICIOUS Summer treat.
    Buttercream Coffee Cake: Who doesn't love coffee cake? Ours comes topped with a layer of homemade buttercream frosting to make it deliciously creamy.
    Carnival of Doom: Deep-fried twinkies with orange marshmallow cream filling.
    Coconut Lemongrass: Coconut and lemongrass.
    Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts: Summery, fresh-picked blueberries with sweet lemon baked into a delicious cake glazed donut! 
    Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail: Enliven your senses with the aroma of a delicious bubbling pomegranate champagne cocktail! A gorgeous blend of juicy pomegranates and sweet pink champagne. Huge best seller years ago and we’ve brought it back!
    Rudolph’s Sugar Mallows: Creme brûlée with marshmallow frosting! Rudolph’s favorite!
    Candied Mistletoe Crunch: Our best-selling Very Merry Mistletoe blends perfectly with spun cotton candy and sweet winter apple!
    Ho Ho Ho: Santa’s favorite Salted Caramel Latte! Warm caramels, sprinkles of sea salt and a sweet, warm latte. You’ll adore this blend! 
    Can’t Sleep, Santa is Here!: A super yummy blend of cranberry-orange, spun cotton candy and powdered funnel cake with sprinkles!
    Pink Icicles: Ripe blackberries, sparkling Pink Sugar glacé and marshmallow cream frosting!
    Snow Baby: A blend of Candy Cane bites, Buttercream Frosting and Vanilla-iced Cake.
    Naughty Gingerbread Men: What makes Gingerbread even better? Hot Buttered Rum! Been a best seller for years!
    Freshly Fallen Snow: A beautiful scent that blends musky soft Powdery notes and sensual hints of Vanilla.
    Eggnog Sugar Cookies: We're crazy for our sugar cookies, and how better to serve them than alongside a cup of eggnog spiked with rum and dusted with nutmeg? Try dipping your cookies in your eggnog, and you'll see how much of a delight this fragrance is. 
    Jingle Bell Java: A sweet and scrumptious coffee and mocha blend with coffee whipped cream and sprinkles.
    Sugar Plum Fairy: Spun Cotton Candy blended with Sweet Sugar Plums! 
    Marshmallow Sugar Cookies: Sweet, fluffy marshmallows blended with fresh-baked Christmas sugar cookies!
    Mint Chocolate no.9: With its vanilla and cocoa butter notes, White Chocolate No. 9 is already delicious. Adding candied mint to the mix makes it over-the-top gorgeous! 
    Cherry Marshmallow Truffle: Red cherries covered in marshmallow sugar cream and dipped in Belgium chocolate!
    Marshmallow Snowcake: Whirls of Marshmallow fluff on soft silver Cake with a thick layer of snowy Frosting.
    Dipped Candy Canes: Candy Canes dipped in the ultra delicious and exotic Madagascar Vanilla.
    Grinchmas: We loooove this! A blend of vanilla bean ice cream, green apples and whipped cream! This smells amazing! Any Grinch would put a smile on his face for this!
    Grinchmas Twinkies: A yummy twist on Grinchmas inspired by our much loved Carnival of Doom. Juicy Green Apples blended with fluffy marshmallow filled twinkies.
    Santa Baby Cake: A super delicious scent with notes of fluffy Almond cake, sugar cane, dark sugared rum icing, a touch of coconut milk, whipped cream and vanilla extract. This is delish!
    Very Merry Mistletoe: A GORGEOUS holiday scent! Not a green scent like you would think. The perfect amount of fruits give this mistletoe a sweetness to this gorgeous scent that is a holiday must have.
    Winter Mallows:  A holiday blend you’re sure to love!  Fluffy marshmallow sprinkled with Sugared Spruce. 
    Snow Drop Cake: A dreamy blend of white chocolate, warm white cake with a snow glacé.
    Flurries: A best seller since 2007. A blend of Eggnog and fluffy Sugar Me! Marshmallow makes this scent delicious.
    Winter Cocoa: Warm Cocoa, fluffy Marshmallows and a single Candy Cane to stir with.
    Double Dipped Snickerdoodles: Snickerdoodle cookies double-dipped in creamy, rich buttercream and hot buttered rum! Don’t pass this one up! 
    Buttermint, Baby!: Everyone knows those soft little pillow mints that dissolve at the touch of your tongue. We're featuring them here in all their minty, creamy, irresistibly rich goodness. Our version has just the right mix of minty coolness and creamy warmth. Indulge in some Buttermint, baby!
    Peppermint Mocha: This is SO good! If you love peppermint mocha, this is the best one ever.
    Miami Mistletoe: What do people in Miami do with their mistletoe? Well, they kiss under it, of course, but they also give it a summery twist with ripe Florida oranges, delicate yuzu and other juicy citrus fruits. You don't need to have a white Christmas to love mistletoe, and Miami inspired our fresh and fruity take on it. 
    Sugared Spruce: A blend of Blue Spruce with a touch of Vanilla and Sugar Crystals.

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